Thursday, 9 October 2014

Breaking Down Brick Walls

Breaking Down Brick Walls - A New Approach to Genealogy

I have mentioned my genealogy mentor and how helpful Deb has been to me . Now I want to highly recommend to everyone to join Deb Glassman on her Facebook Page and read about her new book.

I met her through Ancestry messages when she found my Endler maiden name and wanted to find out about her relative's destination contact in Quebec. She has taught me how to look at records, how browsing can be so fruitful and that Passenger and Naturalization Records go on for a few pages.She has introduced me to new databases and great resources and has offered her analysis on puzzling records and has given me her background knowledge and interpretation. I have benefited from her collaboration immeasurably. I am very excited that she is now sharing what she knows in a series of books!

Do have a look

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