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Chaplick and Glick Families' Intertwined Marriages

Three Siblings of the Gillick/ Glick Family Marry Three Siblings of the Chaplick Family

Eliayahu Tchaplik and his wife Dina Ruchel had 7 children, born in Bendery, Tiraspol or Ostropol.
Moshe Pinchus Gillick/ Glick had 4 children , born in Ostropol or Kishinev.
The families are very closely intertwined.

  Eliayahu died in 1938. Dina Ruchel died in Bendery in 1910.

Jacob/ Yasha/ Yaakov Zvi/ Yankel Gersh/ Yasenyu Tchaplik/ Chaplick  was born in Bendery, 7 Feb 1983.
He died 23 Aug 1985 in Toronto, Ontario. Jacob married one of the Glick siblings, Zena Glick.
Zena/ Sassil/ Sossia/ Sosha Rifka was born in 1895 in Ostropol. They were married 21 Aug 1915 in Kishinev. Zena was born 1895 in Ostropol. She died in Toronto, Ontario, 2 Jul 1987.

They arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 20 Nov 1924 on the ship, S.S. Wilson.


The Golden Jubilee 50th Anniversary Document of Jacob Chaplick and Zeena Glick is remarkable considering all the information it contains.

These are the wishes of Yaakov and Zeena TCHAPLICK and sons.

Yaakov Zvi son of Eliyahu, may his light glow, ritual slaughterer and examiner, grandson of Moshe TCHAPLICK and Mordecai Yitzhak, ritual slaughterer and examiner ( kosher butchers )

I was born on Tuesday, third day of the week of the Regulations Section reading (transliterated: Parashat Mishpatim), 21 Shebat 5653 (February 7, 1893) in Bender, Bessarabia.
In 5665 (1905) I was instructed at the Perlmutter yeshiva in Kishinev.
In 5667 (1907) I was instructed at the Sadagora House of Study in basic talmudic studies (the Hebrew acronym “guimel pe taf” is for “gemara, perush Rashi, and tosafot” meaning gemara, Rashi commentaries, and additional commentaries by other Torah sages)
I married my honored wife Zeena GILICK from the Gilick family in Ostropolye, Wolyn, on Shabat eve, 10 Elul 5675 (August 20, 1915)
My eldest son Nahum Leib was born on 20 Yiar 5676 5 (May 23, 1916) in Kishinev.
My youngest son Aharon was born on 12 Shebat 5683 (January 29, 1923) in Kishinev
We arrived in Canada on 25 Marheshvan 5685 (November 22, 1924)

Memberships: McCall synagogue, Pride of Israel, Home for the Aged, People’s Association (transliterated from the Yiddish: Folksfarein), Sons of Zion, Hadassa.

Our headstones’ business is located at 337 College street, phone: Randolph 6889

 Here lies Yakov son of Eliahu
 died 6 Elul 5745

 Here lies Zena daughter of Moshe
 died 5 Tamuz 5747

 May their souls be bound up in the bond of everlasting life.

Mollie/ Malka/ Mollica Chaplick and known as Lana,was born 8 Jan 1899 in Bendery with an alternate birthdate of 1897. She died 26 Jun 1989 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lana married Louis Averbach, born 10 Oct 1893 in Shpekow, Russia.  Mollie and Louis had 2 daughters, Bessie (Theodore Nussbaum ) and Diane ( Lee King).

Ida/ Chaika/ Chana/ Heyka/ Haia Chaplick was born 25 Aug 1901 in Ostropol. She died 15 Jan 1997 in Toronto,Ontario. Ida married one of the Glick siblings, David Glick. David was born in 1895 in Ostropol and died 29 Jan 1991 in Toronto, Ontario. David was a cantor and worked as a jeweller.

 Cantor Dovid son of Moshe Pinchas
 Melodious in songs of Israel
 Died 14 Shevat 5751
 May his soul be bound up in the bond of          everlasting life

 First line: Chaya the daughter of Eliyahu and  Dina.
 Second and third lines are part of "eshet hail"  song:
"Her children rise up and make her  happy; her husband praises her:
 "Many women have excelled, but you excel  them all!" 

 Ida and David had 5 children, Earl, Norman, Daniel, Srul Irving and Elaine ( Neila ).

Ida and David arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 29 May 1924 on the ship S.S. Madonna


Morris Chaplick was born 19 Dec 1906 in Bendery and died 25 Aug 1983 in Toronto, Ontario. He married Kate/ Katia Walker. She was born 17 Nov 1908 in Bendery and died 28 Sep 1998 in Toronto, Ontario. They had 2 daughters, Diane ( Leonard Glazer ) and Marcy (Jack Silverman )

Mordechai Yitchak Tchaplik was born in Bendery and died in Tel Aviv, Israel. He married Ruchel Sverdlik. She was born in Bendery in 1899 and died 1 Feb 1964 in Tel Aviv. They had 4 children, Nuchum, Ruth, Rivka and Dina.

Two Chaplick daughters, Mariam, born 1900 and Shifra/ Szyfra / Sefora, born 1905 and their families died in the Holocaust about 1941 in Odessa.

Mariam married Mordechai Averbach, born 1898 in Taraclia. They had 2 sons, Aron, born in 1925 and Yitchak, born 1927.

 Shifra married another Glick sibling, Yaakov. They had 3 children, Nuchum, Ruchel and Hanina.

 Sonia, the fourth Glick sibling, had one daughter Hanna, born 21 May 1927 in Kishinev.
They immigrated much later than their family. Sonia, age 30 and her 8 year old daughter, Hannah left Liverpool, 27 Sep 1935 on the ship Duchess of Richmond. They arrived 5 Oct 1935 in Montreal, Quebec. Here was a unique spelling of the Gillick name as "Ghilac" in the UK Outward Passenger List
A Bendery Yizkor book was published in 1975 with the family members remembering Shifra Chaplick, her husband Yaakov Gillick and their children and Mariam Chaplick, her husband Mordechai Averbach and their children. The family who signed were Yaakov and Zena Chaplick, Toronto, Lana Auerbach (Mollie Chaplick), Philadelphia, Yitzhak and Ruchel Chaplick, Tel Aviv,  Chayka (Ida) and David Glick, Toronto, Moshe and Katia Chaplick, Toronto

 In the Bendery Yizkor Book, there is also a picture of Elihu Tchaplik with a child on his lap. A description tells of him being a famous Talmud scholar.


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