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Israel Goldberg: What is in a Name?

From Israel Goldberg to George Gale

Israel Goldberg was one of my great uncles, a son of Jacob Goldberg and Pinie Schwartz. It was a surprise to me that the name on his Birth Record from Botosani was Goldenberg, not Goldberg, the name that I was familiar with. The name Israel was Strul in Romanian. He was born 16 Dec 1890 according to this record. This was another name in the evolution of name changes.

One of the Romanians who was responsible for getting the Botosani Records told me that all dates in the Romanian Records use the Julian calendar. This was used in Romania until 1919. To get the Gregorian calendar, 12/ 13 days need to be added.

The original family name was Newman, changed to Goldenberg, then Goldberg for Jacob and for his children. I was told that it was due to his wife, Lillian Sadie Zudick that he changed his name from Israel Goldberg to George Gale. 

Israel Goldberg and Lillian Sadie Zudick were married in 1918.


 Lillie was born 31 Aug 1895 in Ostropol and died 
1 Jan 1997 at Seal Beach, Orange, California.

1162/1890 (pic 622) Birth Record of Strul Goldinberg
 (Another translator, Corina: Goldenberg)
Registration Date: 16 Dec 1890,
    Religion: Jewish
    Father: Iacob Goldinberg, 36, tailor (Another translator, Corina: Goldenberg )
    Mother: Pine, 32  ( Another translator, Corina Pina Goldenberg )
    Residence: Botosani
    Romanian Protection
Birth Details:
    Birth Date: 15 Dec 1890
    Address: Botosani, Butnarilor 62 ( Another translator, Corina: at the house 62 Butnariului St )
    Declarent:        father
    Witness1: Bercu   Sfart ,56,  grandfather, tailor ( Another translator, Corina: Sfarti )
    Witness2: Itic   Dascal, 35, teacher (Itic Dascalu )
Signatures:  None

Left to right: Shirley, Edna, Dottie Hearst, Al Johns, Edna's husband, Sol Press, Dottie's husband, Ethel, Milton Jacobs, Ethel's husband, Lillie, Stan Sharpe, Elsie's husband


 As written by Linda Waits:  My mother Elsie is here and she says, from left to right, are George Gale, 
(Israel Goldberg), Joe Grossman, Elsie Sharpe, unknown person, Edna Johns, Milt Jacobs, Ethel Jacobs, Stan Sharpe, Shirley Grossman and Lillan Gale. Person to the right of table unknown. The event pictured was the installation of Lillian as President of Gateways Organization.

Lillian Sadie Zudick was first married to Abraham Handelman, born 12 Feb 1890 in Ostropol. They had one daughter Ethel, born 7 Nov 1913 and died 3 Nov 2005 in San Diego, California. She married Milton Jacobs, born 21 Jul 1917 in New York, died 23 May 1979 in Los Angeles. They had no children.

 Left to right: Elsie, Shirley, Lillie, Ethel, Edna

 Israel Goldberg/ George Gale and Lily Zudick had 3 daughters, Edna, Shirley Marion and Elsie Ray.


  Edna was born 22 Jun 1921. She married Albert Cameron Johns, 23 Aug 1941. He was born 28 Dec 1914 in Illinois and died 22 Aug 2003 in Las Vegas. They had 3 children, Ronald Cameron ( Ana Oliva Humphrey,  born in Colombia, South America ), Janene Laurie
 (James Gounod Stelk Jr) and Pamela G
 (Michael Henry Catalano)

Shirley Marion was born 23 Oct 1925.

 She married Joseph Grossman in 1949, Joseph was born 4 Aug 1920 and died 9 Mar 2002 in Westminster, Orange, California.

 Lily with grandchildren, Neal, David, Cheryl and June

Shirley and Joe had 4 children, twins, Cheryl Lynn  (Richard Austin Willis ll) and Neal Lewis (Marianne Sutton), June Rochelle (Mark William Rose) and  David Elliot  ( Steven Cole )

Elsie Ray was born 11 Mar 1933. Her Hebrew name was Esther Ruhla. She was named after her father's sister, Esther who died in childbirth. Elsie married Stan Sharpe, born 4 Jul 1929. They had 3 daughters, Karyn Anne ( Mark Bates D'Alfonso ),  Linda Lee ( Tim Waits) and Laura J (Andrew Coles).

In  Jun 1964, Israel and his brother Moe were driving to Montreal to their nephew Gordie's wedding
( Minnie's son ). They made it as far as Alberquerque and veered off the road and crashed. Israel was killed instantly. Moe died several days later.


  1. My Grandfather was Samuel Zudick. So many of these names match up to his family that moved to Montreal. My aunt was Estelle (Esther Breindle) Zudick and my mother was Anneva (Chana Chava) Zudick. I am not sure who my aunt was named for but my mother was named for her grandmother Anne. I am wondering if perhaps we are related? My grandfather had a sister named Lillian up in Montreal.

    1. Hi Adrian,
      Thank you for writing!!! I hope this reaches you! Lillian Sadie Zudick was married to Israel Goldberg, Her parents were Gerson Zudick and Esther Rachel Gruber. Her siblings were Abraham Benjamin, Dorothy, Solomon, Louis Brown, Annie, Cecilia and Isidore Dick. Annie's husband was Sidney Goldberg and they had a daughter Charlene. Please let me know which members of your family lived in Montreal. My e-mail is Thanks!!

    2. Would love to connect with you Adrian, I've been trying to connect Samuel Zudick to my family. My Grandfather was Isidore Zudick, been working on the Zudick family tree for YEARS.

      Kathy Jarkow

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  2. That would be great Kathy. Do you know how your grandfather and my grandfather were related? My email is I would love to hear from you.