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Eliahu Endler, Link for Aaron Solomon and to the Quebec City Community

Eliahu Endler, A Destination Relative and Leader in His Community

There is so much value in finding and noting the names of the people our relatives are heading for in their new country.  The Border Crossing of Aaron Solomon showed that he gave my great grandfather's brother, Eliahu Endler as his cousin, his contact relative, in Canada. This was a surprise as Aaron's wife's brother  lived in Bathurst, New Brunswick.

That curiosity about her great grandfather's contact led Deb to e-mail me.! How great it is when our relatives connect us to special people we would never have encountered otherwise!! I am incredibly grateful to her for sharing so much of her genealogy skills and knowledge with me.

The research that Deb did resulted in finding out more about what Eliahu's life was like. It is the out of the ordinary articles like these below that deepen our understanding of what our ancestors were interested in. It goes beyond the names and dates that we begin with. This sure adds an extra dimension to what genealogy is all about!

In Feb 1908, Eli and other Quebec merchants were going to apply at the next session of the Legislature of the Province of Quebec for an act incorporating them as a religious corporation, a synagogue in Quebec City.

Eli was a subscriber to books such as one called, " Great Epochs in American History: Described by Famous Writers" I wonder what languages he was able to speak and read.

He was one of the Canadian buyers at a Fur Auction in 1918 in New York City.

He was part of a meeting at the synagogue in Quebec City in May 1920. Eli was a committee member offering support for the rebuilding of Israel. The Jews of the Quebec City synagogue gave $8000 to the Restoration Fund for Palestine.

My great grandfather didn't immigrate and I don't know anything about him. Eliahu Endler, his brother, was the closest I got to that generation.

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