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Goldenberg Name in Canadian Passenger Lists

Jacob Goldberg Arrived with the Name of Goldenberg

The Botosani Records surprised me with the name of Goldenberg. Goldberg was the name that was used by my great grandfather and his descendants in Canada. The 1911 Census listed the family under Goldberg. That was my mindset and the name that was familiar.

The Passenger Record for the family had eluded me since 2010 when I started this genealogy journey. 

I was trying  to help someone find his relative with the given name of Israel. I thought I would try a browsing strategy that my genealogy friend had suggested. I tended to include both given and surname in the search.This time, I searched:
First Name: Israel ( no surname )
Birth: Russia ( no year )
Arrival : 1899 (+or- 5 years )

Despite using Russia, meant for the other person, the result came up with my great grandparents' family who lived in Romania.
There I saw it; Israel Goldenberg  rather than Goldberg
Israel, age 9,  arrived 2 Nov 1901 on the ship, S.S. Simcoe
His UK Outward Passenger Record from Liverpool showed that the family left 24 Oct 1901
The address that Jacob was living at was 1039 St Dominique St.
In the left margin, there was a note.  To husband, no money"

The other names had transcription errors, alternate spelling or different names
The children were with their mother, with the spelling, Pine, age 30 ( transcription error, Perie )
Etta/ Yetta was under the name Jette, age 18
Leah was under the spelling Lea, age 13
Esther was under her second name, Rochel, age 11
Max was under the name  Morache, age 6 ( transcription error, Moracke )
Max's name in the UK Outward Passenger Record was Mordche ( transcription error, Mordelie )
Moe was under the name of  Moses, age 5
Moe's name in the UK Outward Passenger Record was Moses ( transcription error, Moser )

I knew that Jacob had arrived earlier with his oldest son, Benjamin Itzhak
Different versions were: that it took about 3 years until they found a home for his family, alternately, about a year later. The year had varied as well, 1902 or 1904.
I found the record for Jacob under the name, Jacob Goldenberg, age 40,  with his son with the name Itzig, age 17 ( transcription error, Marie )
They arrived 4 Aug 1900. The UK Outward Passenger Record from Liverpool had their departure on 17 Jul 1900 on the ship, S.S. Montfort. Jacob's name had a transcription error of Jant and Itzig's transcription error was Wm.

What an incredible challenge it is to find these Passenger Crossing Records!  It is really fantastic when I do find them. 

I wish I could talk to some one about the name change from Goldenberg to Goldberg. What were the reasons? Was there a legal change? Why didn't my great grandfather change his name back to Newman, the name he was born with? 

I would really like to find the family whose name Jacob adopted when he arrived in Romania from Russia. Was their name Goldenberg, not Goldberg? Did they immigrate also?

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  1. Clever search strategy! Thank you for sharing your technique and your results. Weird transcription you think more of the family stayed behind?