Thursday, 1 May 2014

Frank Dermansky

Frank Dermansky

     Fanny Pearl Berger

Frank Dermansky, born 30 Sep 1886 married Fanny Pearl Berger, born 1886 (alternate date 1891).
They had 2 daughters Bessie, born 9 Jan 1914 and Gladys, born 18 Jul 1917. Their only son Nathan Issac, born 6 Jun 1921 died at 9 months of pneumonia, 10 Mar 1922.

Frank worked as a dry goods merchant.

Brian Ferstman  was the person from Jewish Family Finder, Jewishgen who solved the mystery of who Frank was in the 1911 Census, living with Eliahu Endler.
Brian told me that according to Moe, the son of  Frank's mother's brother, Jack Lurstin, the crash of 1929 destroyed Frank, He had invested in the market, or maybe bank deposits that were not guaranteed. Frank committed suicide by asphyxiation, 2 Mar 1930 at Matane, Quebec and is buried at St Cyrille Bonaire, Quebec.

Frank, also known as Faivish/ Philip, was adopted by Eliahu Endler. His father, Isaak Leib ( Itzhak Yehuda ) died in 1888 in Polonnoye, Ukraine when Frank was only 2. His mother, Rebecca Leah Lurstin was born 20 Jun 1870 and died 20 Feb 1937. Her father, Sherga Faivsh Lurstein, had a granite quarry. Brian Ferstman was told that Leah and Jack had 12 siblings, supposedly all girls.

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