Thursday, 1 May 2014

Hyman Pugash

Left to Right: Charles Ring ( partial), Ethel Gillick Ring, Sophie Gillick Endler, Meyer Endler, Sarah Buckman Pugash, Hyman Pugash

Hyman Pugash/ Chaim Joseph Pugacz was born about 1890 and died 8 Jun 1968. He married Sarah Buckman, born 12 Oct 1896 and died 30 May 1992. Sarah was the oldest of the 10 children of David Buckman and Breine/ Brenda Schwartz.

Hyman and Sarah had 2 children, Muriel and Harold. Muriel was born 10 May 1919 and married Lou Malus on 24 Sep 1942. Lou was born 3 Jul 1912 in Montreal and died 18 Apr  1988 in Montreal.. They had 2 daughters, Eleanor and Roslyn. Harold was born 15 Mar 1928 in Montreal and died 27 Sep 1995 in Italy. He married Rhea Weinstein on 17 Jun 1951. Rhea was born 10 Jan 1929 and died Sep 2001 in Vancouver. They had 3 children, Eric Samuel, Mark and Robyn Anne.

According to the 1921 Census, Hyman immigrated in 1908 and Sarah in 1903. His occupation in the census was manufacturer. It is Hyman who paid for his siblings, Riva and Jacob's ocean passages in 1921.

Tema Felhendler and Hersh Tzvi ( Joseph ) Puguz had 4 children.
Riva Pugach
Jacob ( Yankel ) Pugach
Hyman ( Chaim ) Pugash ( spelled with an s )
Sam ( Eliezer Solomon ) Pugach

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