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Samuel David Endler


A Petition for US Naturalization

Samuel David Endler was the son of Eliahu  Endler. I discovered him in the Quebec City 1911 Census with his sister Ida, his father Elia who sponsored my grandfather and his mother Rebecca Leah Lurstin. He was a first cousin of my grandfather's and lived until 19 Sep 1975. I could have known about him and his sister Ida but he was another relative of mystery. What is intriguing is that he shared a name with my father, David. They were both named after someone in the past, an ancestor whom I have not found.

Sometimes records can give us so much information. Samuel David's Petition for Naturalization proved to be so valuable. This document gave his birth date,  1 Aug 1897 and  his residence at 1050 Park Ave in New York. His last foreign residence was Quebec. He entered the US through Jackson, Maine on the vessel called Kennebec Highway on 16 Aug 1932.  What was especially interesting was finding out his occupation, a biological chemist and that he was married to Edith on 28 Jun 1932 in Brooklyn.

  Edith was born 27 Dec 1907 in Brooklyn, New York. New York is also given as her birth place in the 2 Jan 1946 New York Passenger Lists.

Two newspaper articles announcing their engagement and wedding gave me her maiden name, Richards and the name of her father Bernard Richards.

 There is a 15 May 1918 WWl Draft Application which  gives Sam's father, Elie at 64 St Dominique St, Quebec City as his contact. This record describes Sam as 5' 4". He was 20 years, 9 months and was not in active militia service.

For an unknown reason, Sam is listed as living with his sister, Ida and her husband Benjamin Eliasoph and their sons James and Ira in the 1940 Census. Sam's wife, Edith is not listed in the home.

Sam died 19 Sep 1975 in Dade, Florida. Edith died 5 Nov 1996 in Palm Beach, Florida.

A great granddaughter of  Frank Dermansky who was Sam's step brother, remembers when Edith visited Frank's daughter Gladys every summer and that her family visited Edith in Newport, Rhode Island.  "Edith loved a highball in the morning and was usually off her rocker by noon. She was a loving and hilarious woman with a great sense of humor. "

How great it would be to discover someone who would share memories and pictures of  Samuel David and his side of the Endler family.

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