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Camlot and Rich Family

Etta Gillick Camlot, mother of  7 children and unknown Ancestral Link

Fanny Gillick, daughter of Yehuda Leib ( Louis Gillick) from Sherbrooke, married a cousin Fred Camlot.

Left to Right:

Jean Rosen Gillick, husband Sid Gillick, Fanny Gillick Camlot, husband Fred Camlot, my grandparents, Meyer Endler and  Sophie Gillick

Fred Camlot’s mother‘s name was Etta Gillick 
(her father had the name of Abraham Gillick). Etta’s husband’s name was Israel.
Israel and his wife were mentioned as parents in the July marriage record of son Jack without notes of being deceased; in Sept 1933 at son Frederick's marriage, both were noted as deceased.

Israel's birth name was Reich or Rich. To avoid going into the army, he was adopted by a Kamlut couple who didn't have any children. When his children came to North America, they changed their name from Kamlut to Camlot.

Camlot Family and Rich Family

Israel and Etta had 7 children. The oldest Charlie Camlot married a first cousin Rose Lillian Rich This leads to the mystery of the Reich / Rich origin and how they are related. Is Rose’s father Michael a brother to Israel?
Michael Rich, born in 1866, arrived 28 Aug 1896 in New York on the S.S. Normannia at age 28. He was living with his wife Sophie and daughters Rose and Mollie with boarder Sam Gillman at 440 Manton St, Philadelphia
Sophie Camlot, another of the Camlot siblings, left Antwerp, Belgium on the S.S.Lapland Red Star Line on 4 Aug 1920 and arrived on 14 Aug 1920. She gives her contact person whom she was heading for as her Uncle Michael Rich at 440 Manton St , Philadelphia
Sophie's sister , Sarah's April 1923's Border Crossing has the contact person as her cousin Maurice Rich, a son of Michael Rich.

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