Friday, 25 April 2014

Picture Postcards

There were many picture postcards that my grandfather had kept. It was through these that I got a glimpse of the many people he left behind. So many goodbyes. There were relatives, friends, some unidentified. In the back of these pictures were words written in Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew. Thankfully, Jewishgen provides volunteers who have translated these languages giving me names of people who were close to my grandfather. I am really hoping that someone out there may recognize these faces. Very sadly there are no pictures of my grandfather's parents.

It was really great to first discover my grandfather's mother's maiden name was Schwartzman. How wonderful it was to find out that the writing on the back of some of the picture postcards also had the name Schwartzman. I looked closely at these faces and tried to see if some resembled others who were unnamed. 

Uncle Moshe and daughter Sonya Schwartzman

Aunt Polye Schwartzman 

Uncle Moshe Schwartzman 

Sonya Schwartzman and Unknown Man 

Cousin Isaac Schwartzman and his wife Klara

Aunt Shifra from Baranovka 

Picture on Milan Postcard

E. Milman

Ida Rudinberg



Kastan Family

Unknown Polonnoye Couple


H. Flomenbaum

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