Friday, 25 April 2014

Picture on Milan postcard

In 1973- 1974 while on a trip to Europe, my grandfather asked me to look up a close relative of his who lived in Milan. I did go to a munipal office while I was in Milan and was told that she had recently died. Sadly I no longer have any information. This picture postcard of this couple was done in a studio in Milan. Could the woman  be his close relative? She also resembles the other picture here and the picture of Aunt Shifra.


 Translation by Viewmate, Jewishgen

It is seen only that on January 2 1906 : "left town P." and on 1(?) February - came to town K."
Picture made in Odessa .
After Russian text there are some words written in Hebrew ?

 Back side of photo
 Address of photoStudio:
 Photographer - Chekhovskoj
 Town: Odessa
 Deribasovskaya ukitza , house N 13( House of Sepich)


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