Friday, 25 April 2014

Uncle Moshe and daughter Sonia Schwartzman

This translation was by Viewmate, Jewishgen volunteers

 The text on the right hand side is in Hebrew, not Yiddish.

 1st line: Wednesday, 15 Elul 5669 [September 1, 1909]"...may your path be successful"

 2nd line: In eternal remembrance

 3rd line: to my sister's son Meir, beloved and dearest,

 4th line: so you won't forget your uncle

 5th line: while in Canada - your place of abode.

 6th line: Throw off the wrongdoings of your youth,

 7th line: and remember that you are an orphan there and that there is no-one

 8th line: who cares. Put these words on a banner:

 9th line: "The time has already come to become a man"

 10th line: signed Moshe (surname unreadable)

 11th line: double dated August 29 and September 1, 1909.

The text on the left hand side:

To my sweet and dear Mayer on the day of my departure to gimnazium (a high school).
Signed: Sonia and dated August 29, 1909.
{Comments: Beginning of the school year was traditionally on September 1st]
Hebrew portion of the postcard "Le zikaron Nidah"

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