Friday, 25 April 2014

Joseph and Fryma Gillick


The Gillick branch of the twins, Iosif  (Joseph) and Fryma  and their parents, Feiga and Iankel Gilik remain a mystery.

Both Iosif and Fryma were on the S.S. Megantic and arrived in Montreal, 24 Sep 1921. They both were heading for their cousin Leib Gilik ( Leib Avrumovitch Gillick) at 629 St. Urbain St., Montreal, Quebec. The Ocean Crossing has the name of their mother Feige in Ostropol. 

Their 1922 Border crossing has them going to their Uncle Harry Bookbinder from Ostropol.

The LI-RA-MA Collection which had pictures of them gave both their birth dates as 1903 and the name of their father as Iankel and that he was deceased.

Another contact person whom they were headed for is hard to make out. Is the name Charles or a variation of Moshko ( which would be Moshe or Morris ) ? The address of 330 Charlevoix St is not one I have associated with anyone else. This remains a mystery.

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