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Louis Gillick, Sherbrooke; Jacob Meier Gillick, Chicago

Louis ( and Joe ) of Sherbrooke and Jacob Meier of Chicago, sons of Chaim Avraham

Yehuda Leib (Louis Gillick), brother of Joe, was born in 1876, arrived in Quebec City on 7 Jun 1911 from Antwerp, Belgium on the S.S. Montezuma. He died 29 May 1937 in Sherbrooke

His wife was Bathsheva  ( Sylvia ) Yakovitsky. She died 21 Mar 1924.

They had 2 children,  Fanny ( Feiga ), born 22 Jul 1909, died 6 Dec 1981 and  Sidney (Yisrael David), born 24 Nov 1912, died 28 Apr 1995.
It is  Sandra, Sidney's daughter  who was one of the people who helped me solve the mystery of the two people in a picture. I had their names Fay and Sam, but I did not know how they connected to my family.

Fay and Sam Gillick from Chicago were 2 of the 4 children of Jacob Meier Gillick, born 10 Nov 1877 according to his WWll Draft Registration Card.




Another sibling , Minnie Wexler had a son Maury who sent pictures of a visit to Montreal visiting cousins years ago. This showed there was a close association between the 2 families.
Here are Fanny Gillick Camlot and Minnie Gillick Wexler.
In the back are Minnie's 2 sons Jack and Maury.

The translation of the gravestones of Joe and Louis from Sherbrooke and of Jacob of Chicago led to the discovery of each  father’s name being Chaim Avraham

Jacob Meier immigrated through Galveston, Texas. From Bremen, Germany, he left 14 Nov 1907 on S.S. Hannover and arrived 7 Dec 1907 in Galveston, Texas.

Jacob Meier and his family lived in Chicago and his brothers, Yehuda Leib/ Louis and Joe immigrated to Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Why Jacob chose US and was separated from his brothers is a mystery. The descendants had contact many years later but not the brothers!!

The obituary of Jacob  confirms that they were brothers: Joe is mentioned as a brother!

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