Friday, 25 April 2014

Morris Gillick from Philadelphia

Family of Morris Gillick, father Hersh

Morris ( Moshko ) born 1890, his wife Bessie  (Busya) Lapida,  born 1889 and his son Harry ( Hershko ), born 30 May 1916 in Ostropol, left Novi Ligure, Italy, 13 Aug 1921 on S.S. Canada. They arrived in Montreal, 21 Aug 1921.  He was heading to his cousin, Leib Gilik ( Louis Gillick ) at 629 St Urbain St. His contact  from Ukraine was his Uncle Gedalia. Another son Benjamin ( Boris/ Boruch ) was born in Montreal, 4 Jun 1922. 

The Border Crossing of Apr 1923 shows  the family crossing through St Albans, Vermont to Morris' brother Harry Gilik at 269a Vernon Ave, Brooklyn. The family lived on Leidy Ave in 1930 and their address was given in the 1940 Census as  4253 Leidy Ave in Philadelphia. Morris worked as a carpenter and metalworker.

Morris and Bessie died within 3 months of each other, Bessie, 16 Nov 1968 and Morris, 13 Feb 1969 in Philadelphia. The translations of Hebrew on their gravestones are Morris Gillick - Moshe son of Hershel and Bessie Gillick - Batya daughter of Pinchas.  Their son Benjamin died earlier, 7 Jan 1966 in Philadelphia.

So this branch has 2 brothers Hersh and Gedalia. Hersh had 2 sons, Morris and also Harry who used the name Gillis in the 1915 NY State Census. Morris named his first born Hershko, born 30 May 1916 so it seems probable that Morris' father would have died before 1916.

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