Friday, 25 April 2014

Gillicks from Massachusetts

A Gillick Branch in Boston

 Volko ( William/ Velvel/ Valbel/ Wolf ) Gillick, born 1860 and wife Pize/ Anna, born in 1863, had
3 daughters, Pearl, born 1883, Chana born 1899 and Sarah, born 29 Apr 1901.

 Volko and Pize left Liverpool, England 12 May 1927 on S.S. Samaria and arrived in Boston, 21 May 1927. They were going to their daughter Pearl, her husband, Elias Sohn and their daughter Clara, born in 1912. The family lived at 19 Chestnut St, Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Chana ( Hanna ) Gillick arrived on the S.S.Canada on 21 Sep 1921. She was destined to her cousin, Louis Gillick, 34 Oliver St, Sherbrooke. In her Border Crossing in Oct 1922, through St Albans, Vermont, she headed for her sister Sura ( Sarah ) and her sister's husband Sam Mindick at 46 Market St, Brighton, Massachusetts


Sarah Gillick sailed 21 Jun 1921 on the  S.S. Sicilian. She gave the name of her father as Welwel from Ostropol. She was heading to her cousins, Louis Gillick and Joseph Gillick at 49 Oliver St., Sherbrooke, Quebec. She married Sam Mindick, 6 Jun 1922 in Montreal.  In July 1922, Sarah crossed the border at St Albans, Vermont and settled in Boston. Sarah and Sam had 4 children, Lillian, born 26 Apr 1923, Morris, born in 1925, Jeanette, born 29 Jun 1926 and Gloria, born in 1935.

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  1. Gloria Mindick Jacobson12 April 2017 at 12:22

    Great stuff! I have some of that info & you filled in some blanks on the Gillick family. I am the "Gloria, born in 1935." But I was born Nov. 4 1934. My brother, Morris born Jan. 27, 1925, alerted me to your website!