Friday, 25 April 2014

Ida Rudinberg

Years ago my sister asked our grandfather who these people in the picture postcards were and for this woman he told her that she was his girlfriend. There was another copy of the same picture, the other one dated 23 Jul 1909. The other two pictures have Ida ...inberg and Ida . The women bear a resemblance to the first. Who knows who the man is in the second picture and whether the date is correct for 1927?

For eternal memory to good friend Meir Felendler respecting him
February 1, 1909


To dear Meir Fel...erg for remembrance from Ida...inberg    28 (month ) 1927

  To Dear Meer Fel'gendlyar
  good memory

   Nov 23, 1908

   Photography: Polonnoe

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